Why CIP?

CIP promotes integration between communities and works towards the creation of a society in which all are respected regardless of race/nationality.

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Signpost community groups & individuals to appropriate services.
  • Provide leadership, direction and guidance to member organisations.
  • Promote and support new initiatives which address social inclusion and economic disadvantage.
  • To organise activities and facilitate opportunities which respond to and highlight the needs, rights and contributions of diverse communities.
  • Support community development and participation in local activities.
  • Organise training, meetings, workshops seminars with service providers.

CIP is committed to build bridges between diverse communities

CIP’s vision is of inclusive society which contributes to social cohesion and equality for all.

  • CIP actively promotes equality, values diversity and opposes discrimination in all its forms.
  • CIP is an independent association, is non party political and is committed to an active anti- sectarian approach to its work
  • CIP is committed to collective action informed by people’s experiences and an analysis of their circumstances. Therefore CIP’s primary method of operation is supporting and encouraging community action amongst disadvantaged within ethnic communities.
  • CIP will conduct its affairs in an honest open transparent and accountable way to its members.
  • CIP values its volunteers as the key resource of the organisation.
  • CIP will strive to represent the interests of all communities without ‘fear or favour’.
  • CIP will strive for excellence in all we do in order to provide high quality and effective leadership and support.